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Definition of Shimmer

  1. A popular polish finish, shimmers contain particles that “shimmer” in the light. Those particles are frequently silvery or golden and often very fine, but there’s a whole wide range of shimmers. Some are just a shade lighter than the base colour, and some are a different colour entirely. Some may be duochrome or holographic. Suedes, glass flecks, foils, frosts, holos and more…quite a few finishes are, at their core, considered shimmers. Among the range of shimmer polishes is the “hidden shimmer,” which may or may not be an intentional feature, depending on the polish. Some shimmers are so fine that they’re almost imperceptible apart from the bit of sheen they add to a polish, almost like liquid satin. Other times you’ll see what looks like a pretty shimmer in a bottle that simply doesn’t seem to be there anymore once the polish dries; for whatever reason, it just doesn’t translate. A type of finish with shimmer, usually in a colored base. (Example)

Added to the Nail Glossary on November 10, 2016

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