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Orange Stick


Definition of Orange Stick

  1. An orange stick is a slim, wooden stick with tapered ends. It is used in manicures to push back/remove cuticles and clean under the nail. It also comes in handy during polish application; should some polish wander off the nail, or if you have a little cuticle flooding, the tapered end is easily slid along the nail wall to tidy up that mess. The wooden sticks are intended to be disposable once they become blunted with use, but you can also buy rubber or plastic orange sticks. There are also curved metal tools for pushing back the cuticle, but those can damage the nail. For my money, if you have a stubborn cuticle, it’s better to reapply your cuticle remover than risk damaging the nail itself by scraping too hard. Orange sticks aren’t literally orange; they were originally made from orangewood.

Added to the Nail Glossary on November 10, 2016

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