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Definition of Implement

  1. An implement is a tool, utensil, or instrument for doing a task. The best implements are those inspired by — and created specifically for — the professional manicurist and pedicurist to perform special tasks.

    Nail technicians have to rely on implements for delicate procedures and precision work. The better the implement is designed and produced, the easier to use and the higher the satisfaction of the user. Nail technicians need implements that are highly functional and specifically crafted for each aspect of a nail service.

    Wide selections of precision manicure and pedicure implements in a variety of models make it possible to accommodate the individual needs and preferences of the user. Implements should foster optimum control and comfortable handling. An ergonomically shaped body brings perfect balance and smooth performance.

    Highly regarded implements are manufactured from the highest-quality materials, expertly crafted, and individually examined for quality and performance. Hand filing and rigorous quality control are signs of a quality implement that must be dependable and reliable. The implement should be resistant to wear and be sterilizable to meet the highest standards for safety and sanitation.

Added to the Nail Glossary on November 14, 2016

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