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Definition of Grit

  1. A numerical measure of the coarseness of a file or buffer; these are the same numbers used to define sandpaper. Low numbers are the most coarse (such as 80-100 grit files), and the highest numbers are the least coarse (or softest). High-shine buffers (for both nails and autos) can reach the thousands. Medium is generally 120-240. Soft is above 240, and super-soft buffers or shiners are above 1,000 plus. This is a general guideline only however, as the type of material a file is made out of can affect the relative “feel” of coarseness or softness. (Such as emery, diamond, plastic, zebra, etc.) The best way to know is to first a) follow the manufacturers recommendations (and files) for the product, and b) try other and comparable files out at shows, or individually purchase an assortment from your supplier to try.

Added to the Nail Glossary on November 10, 2016

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