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Definition of Fungus

  1. Microscopic and multi-celled plant organisms, such as mold, dermatophytes, and yeast. Only 2 members of this family can form colonies (infect) in or under the natural nail: Candida Albicans (a yeast), and Trichophyton Rubrum (a dermatophyte that feeds on keratin and other dead tissue). Molds do NOT infect nails. Many times green bacterial infections are mistakenly called a mold or fungus. Since fungi cannot make their own food, they are considered parasites, and feed on organic matter (such as the keratin protein in nails. They multiply rapidly. They can go dormant (hibernate) by protecting itself with a hard spore shell, and then reappear 6 months or many years later to re-infect their host.

Added to the Nail Glossary on November 10, 2016

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