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Cuticle Gap


Definition of Cuticle Gap

  1. The cuticle gap is the little bit of space left between a polish and the cuticle and walls of the nail in order to make a manicure look clean and tidy, especially for close-up pictures. Sometimes it’s achieved manually, during application; other times, it’s created during clean-up. The size of the desired gap depends on personal taste. Close-ups will make this gap appear larger than it is in real life, so for me it’s a balancing act from polish to polish, trying to judge how small a gap I’m comfortable leaving while painting, given a particular polish’s consistency, ease of application, and pigmentation. I tend to leave a much larger gap for darker or more densely pigmented polishes than I do for ones I know will be easier to whip into shape during clean-up.

Added to the Nail Glossary on November 10, 2016

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